Legal Rap – Law Extra

Yo, listen up, I got some legal advice,
Don’t wanna land in trouble, gotta be wise,
If you need a rent agreement for passport format,
Make sure it’s registered, don’t wanna fall flat.
Married and thinking about taxes separately?
Well, can taxes be filed separately if married? Maybe.

When a contract is null and void,
It’s like it never existed, that’s the legal decoy,
And if you’re curious about a flagship company,
It’s the main one, leading the pack, ain’t no phony.

Planning to get an SBI home loan? You gotta know,
About the legal and valuation charges, they might throw,
And is it legal to go off the grid? Well, it’s not a simple stroll,
Legal considerations, gotta dig deep in that hole.

Ever heard of a schedule of condition? It’s all about property inspections,
Before you jump in, make sure you’ve got the right directions,
And if you’re a contractor needing a receipt of payment,
Free templates and guidelines, no need to feel adjacent.

Thinking of a memorandum of agreement with your business partners?
Gotta know the key terms, ain’t no time for blunders,
If you need extra law extra, I got you covered,
Expert legal advice, and resources, your worries smothered.